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Lime Green Car Battery


Premium brands like Willard, Sabat and Varta 3-4 years.

We sell SMF(sealed maintenance free),AGM(Absorbed glass mat), VRLA(valve regulated lead acid), EFB(Enhanced Flooded) , Traction batteries.

You can either bring your battery into the shop for a 24 hour charge or buy s smart charger from your nearest branch.

Our batteries have a shelf life of 3 months but its not advisable to leave your battery unused in your vehicle without a smart charger connected for an extended period.

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Blue Solar Panel


Average consumption for a 3 bedroom house is between 4-5KWh

We offer a wide variety of solar products to meet your need, from power saving to off grid systems.

We are accredited installers for all our products.

You can run several houses of your system, it all depends on the consumption and your budget for the project. We can design a system uniquely to every client’s needs.

The only regular maintenance needed for your solar panels is cleaning and an annual inspection. Otherwise, as long as your panels are working properly, they won't need additional maintenance throughout the year.

Batteries are the source of electric power and are recharged or maintained by your Solar charger. A solar charger is a charger that employs solar energy to supply electricity to devices or batteries

We design every systems mounting structure according to your roof type and size, we also have fixed standalone mounting also available.

All installations come with a 12 month warranty accompanied by the specific product warranty.
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